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  Jessica Gorelick, LCSW



Complimentary Phone Consultation


I offer a complimentary phone consultation to discuss your interest in starting psychotherapy.  This first step can certainly be difficult.  When you reach out, I will be there with an open and empathetic ear to explore how we might work together and help you find the right support that will meet your needs.

Individual Psychotherapy


Psychotherapy is a chance to put all of your thoughts and feelings into words.  Together we will work to build a safe environment and set goals to help you find renewed joy and meaning in your life.  Individual psychotherapy typically consists of 45 minute sessions on a weekly basis.

Couples Psychotherapy

When two people are in a committed partnership there are times when it is difficult to maintain the level of communication and intimacy that both parties desire.  We can work together to help each person express their needs, hear their partner's needs, and find a path toward a more secure and loving future.  Couples psychotherapy typically consists of 60 minute sessions on a weekly basis.

Psychological Evaluation

I have been trained to conduct forensic evaluations and can provide psychological evaluations for protection-based immigration proceedings.

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